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Id Reference Description Qty Unit Price Total
Id Description Qty Total

A Simple Receipt, easy and fast.

In this website you can print a receipt as proof of purchase without any nightmares of registration, installations, etc.

Rent Receipt, sales receipt, etc. create your receipt in seconds, sign it, and that’s all, as you normally do in a normal receipt book, but remember, make another copy for you as this website doesn’t save your data, it’s just a tool to make the day by day tasks easier

How to fill out this receipt.

A Receipt is a legal document that works as proof of purchase, so it’s really important to make sure all data it contains is right. The following fields are required to be completed:

Receipt header:

  • Date: Date of purchase.
  • Receipt No.: This field is auto generated by the application so it will be different everytime you «Clear the receipt» to start with a new one, anyway you can also overwrite it with your own number.
  • From: Your full name or the name of the company
  • To: Full name of the person or company you are paying to
  • Receipt Details:

  • Reference: In this field you can enter yor service/item reference or simply order naumber of yor entries
  • Description: It’s really important to enter detailed information about the service or item you are charging for (Description, serial number, details of the service…).
  • Qty: Quantities could also be decimal values if you need to .
  • Unit Price: As soon as you enter the item unit price the total will be recalculated.
  • Currency: Receipt in Euros, Receipt in Dollars, Recept in Bolivares …when you choose your currency it will change on your Amount description and also in the Total currency simbol.
  • Numbers to words converter

    When you update your prices it will automatically restore the Amount description, so you don’t have to type it.

    Recibo de pago

    Receipt ready to print or PDF download

    If you press Print command you will find a PDF file will open in your explorer, so you can print it but you can also download it to keep one copy in your local drive as a record.

    Hope you like it, if you have any enquiries, please let us know on the contact form.

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